PASEAH (pa-sē'a, Heb. pāsēah, lame)

A son of Eshton (1Chr.4.12).The head of a family of temple servants (kjv Nethinim) (Ezra.2.49; Neh.7.51), one of whose descendants helped in the restoration of one of the gates of Jerusalem (Neh.3.6).

PASEAH pə sē’ ə (פָּסֵ֔חַ, limping). 1. A descendant of Judah; the son of Eshton (1 Chron 4:12).

2. Head of a family of Nethinim who returned from the Exile with Zerubbabel (Ezra 2:49; Neh 7:51, [KJV PHASEAH, fe sē e]; 1 Esd 5:31 [KJV PHINEES, fĭn’ nēz, ASV PHINOE, fĭn’ oi]).

3. The father of Joiada, who helped repair the Jerusalem wall (Neh 3:6).

PHASEAH. KJV form of Paseah in Nehemiah 7:51.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

pa-se’-a, pas’-e-a (paceach "limping"):

(1) A son of Eshton, descendant of Judah (1Ch 4:12).

(2) The eponym of a family of Nethinim (Ezr 2:49; Ne 7:51, the King James Version "Phaseah" equals "Phinoe" (1 Esdras 5:31).

(3) Father of Joiada, who helped to repair the old gate (Ne 3:6).

(1) A descendant of Judah, son of Eshton (1Ch 4:12).

(2) Name of a family of Nethinim (Ezr 2:49; Ne 7:51 (King James Version "Phaseah"); "Phinoe" of 1 Esdras 5:31 Revised Version).

(3) Father of Joiada (King James Version "Jehoiada"), the repairer of the "old gate" in Jerusalem (Ne 3:6).