PARMENAS (par'mē-năs, Gr. Parmenas, constant). One of the seven chosen to care for the daily distribution to the poor (Acts.6.5). Tradition tells of his martyrdom at Philippi.

PARMENAS pär’ mə nəs (Παρμενα̂ς, G4226). One of “the seven” chosen by the church in Jerusalem to assist the apostles in the daily distribution to the poor (Acts 6:5). He is otherwise unknown.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A Greek name, an abbreviated form of Parmenides. Parmenas was one of "the seven" chosen by the people and appointed by the apostles to superintend the daily distribution to the Christian poor of Jerusalem (Ac 6:5). Tradition states that he was martyred at Philippi, in the reign of Trajan, but his name does not appear again in Scripture.