PARAH (pā'ra, Heb. pārāh, heifer). A city in Benjamin’s territory (Josh.18.23), now identified as Farah, a short distance NE of Jerusalem.

PARAH pâr’ ə (הַפָּרָ֖ה, LXX B, Φαρα; LXX A, ̓Αφάρ, heifer or cow). A town in Benjamin.

Only Joshua 18:23 mentions Parah. It is c. five m. N of Jerusalem and today is represented by Khirbet el-Farah. There ’Ain Farah gushes forth to begin Wadi Farah.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

pa’-ra, par’-a (ha-parah; Codex Vaticanus Phara; Codex Alexandrinus Aphar): A city named as in the territory of Benjamin between Avvim and Ophrah (Jos 18:23). It may with some confidence be identified with Farah on Wady Farah, which runs into Wady Suweinit, about 3 miles Northeast of `Anata.