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c.250-310. Christian martyr. Born in a wealthy home in Beirut, he pursued Hellenistic studies and engaged in Phoenician public affairs until his conversion to asceticism, philanthropy, and biblical studies. Tutored by Pierius at Alexandria, he moved to Palestinian Caesarea, where he founded a Christian school and restored the library of Origen, recopying biblical manuscripts, in particular the Hexapla edition of the Septuagint, and recovering the writings of Origen and others. His devoted pupil Eusebius of Caesarea* adopted the name “son of Pamphilus,” wrote his life (not extant), and panegyrized him in the “Martyrs of Palestine.” Arrested under Maximin Daza, he spent fifteen months in prison, working especially on five books of an Apology of Origen, to which Eusebius added a sixth. Pamphilus was beheaded early in 310.