PACATIANA pā kă’ tĭ ā’ nə (Πακατιανή, peaceful). A province in Asia Minor whose capital was Laodicea.

At the end of the 3rd cent. a.d., the province of Asia was divided into seven parts. Two of the provinces were Phrygia Prima on the W and Phrygia Secunda on the E. Phrygia Prima also bore the name Pacatiana.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

pa-ka-ti-a’-na, pak-a-ti’-a-na (Pakatiane): About 295 AD, when the province of Asia was broken up, two new provinces were formed, Phrygia Prima (Pacatiana), of which Laodicea was "the chiefest city" (subscription to 1Ti the King James Version), and Phrygia Secunda (Salutaris).

See Phrygia, and HDB, III, 865.