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c.609-684. Archbishop of Rouen. Known also as Owen, Dadon, and Audoin, he was born in Sancy near Soissons and educated at the abbey of St. Médard. He served the Merovingian monarchs Clothaire II and Dagobert I. As the latter's able chancellor he established the monastery of Rabais in 634. On Dagobert's death, Ouen was ordained and in 641 was consecrated as archbishop of Rouen. He built churches and monasteries, fostered theological education, and undertook evangelization in a diocese still infested with paganism and barbarism. Still the diplomat, he supported Ebroin, mayor of the palace, against the aristocracy, and negotiated peace between the Franks of Neustria and Austrasia. A life of Eligius, a scholarly friend at Dagobert's court, may be Ouen's work.