ORTHOSIA ôr thō’ zĭ ə (̓Ορθωσίας; KJV ORTHOSIAS). A city to which Trypho fled after his defeat by Antiochus VII Sidetes in the days of Simon Maccabeus (1 Macc 15:37). It was prob. located about 12 m. N of Tripoli, but is now unidentified.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The city to which Tryphon fled when he escaped from Dora, where he was besieged by Antiochus Sidetes (1 Macc 15:37). According to Pliny (NH, v.17) it lay South of the river Eleutherus, and North of the city of Tripolis. The Peutinger Tables place it 12 Roman miles North of Tripolis and 30 miles South of Antaradus on the Phoenician coast. Porter would place it on the southern bank of Nahr el-Barid.