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Earrings (עֲגִילִ֖ים) are mentioned in Numbers 31:50; Ezekiel 16:12. “Pendants,” the dropletshaped ornaments mentioned in Judges 8:26 and Isaiah 3:19 may have been worn on the ears or on a necklace.

Anklets. Heb. עֲכָסִ֛ים were ornamental circlets worn about the ankles. Some of these have been found in situ in Palestinian tombs and were made of heavy bronze. Anklets are mentioned in Isaiah 3:18. The word is used also as a verb in Isaiah 3:16 for the daughters of Zion who were described in their luxury as “tinkling with their feet.” This may be involved in the statement, “Ahijah heard the sound of her feet” (1 Kings 14:6).

The Bible speaks against the excessive use of ornaments (Isa 3:18; 1 Tim 2:9, 1 Pet 3:4). Where the favoring of the rich over the poor is condemned (James 2:1-4); the rich were characterized as wearing gold rings.