Oreb and Zeeb

OREB AND ZEEB (ō'rĕb, zē'ĕb, Heb. ‘ōrēv, se’ēv, raven and wolf). Two princes of the Midianites in the days of Gideon. After Gideon’s notable defeat of the Midianites, the Midianites who survived fled; and Gideon called on the men of Manasseh to cut off the retreat at the crossings of the Jordan. Here they captured the two princes and beheaded them. The places of their deaths were named in their memory: Oreb died at the rock of Oreb and Zeeb at the winepress of Zeeb (Judg.7.24-Judg.7.25). Asaph, hundreds of years later, recalls these events in Ps.83.11. The exact location of the killing is unknown.


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