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ONAM (ō'năm, Heb. ’ônām, strong)

Fifth son of Shobal, son of Seir the Horite (Gen.36.23).Great-great-grandson of Judah (1Chr.2.26, 1Chr.2.28).

ONAM ō’ nəm (אוֹנָֽם, vigorous). 1. Ancestor of a Horite clan in Edom (Gen 36:23; 1 Chron 1:40); a son of Shobal.

2. A son of Jerahmeel (1 Chron 2:26, 28); founder of a clan in Judah.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’onam, "vigorous"; compare ONAN):

(1) "Son" of Shobal "son" of Seir the Horite (Ge 36:23; 1Ch 1:40).

(2) "Son" of Jerahmeel by Atarah; perhaps the name is connected with Onan son of Judah (1Ch 2:26,28).