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Old Gate

OLD GATE. The KJV name of the gate at the NW corner of the city of Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s time, near the present site of the Holy Sepulcher (Neh.3.6). NIV reads “Jeshanah Gate” (see footnote). See also Neh.12.39 for the celebration.

OLD GATE (שַׁ֨עַר הַיְשָׁנָ֜ה, the gate of the old [city? or wall?] Jerusalem Bible [at Neh 3:6, but supported only by Syr.] would emend to שַׁ֨עַר הַמִּשְׁנֶֽה, the gate of the Mishneh, the “new” or “second” quarter; cf. Jerusalem, II, C). A city gate on the N side of postexilic Jerusalem. It was rebuilt by Nehemiah, either with the Gate of Ephraim on its W and the Fish Gate on its E, or perhaps equivalent to the former, if Nehemiah 12:39 is read, “above the Gate of Ephraim, namely by the Old Gate”; note how the Ephraim Gate (q.v.) would otherwise remain omitted from 3:3-13.

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