OHOLAH ō hō’ lə (אָהֳלָ֔ה, her tent). KJV AHOLAH.

A symbolic name, employed by the prophet Ezekiel to designate harlotrous Samaria (23:1-49). She is mentioned in conjunction with her sister Oholibah who represents Jerusalem. Both of them, the daughters of one mother, played the harlot in their youth in the land of Egypt. The Lord, however, adopted them and they bore sons and daughters, but they continued their harlotries, Oholah doting on the Assyrians. As punishment the Lord delivered her into the hands of the Assyrians. They slew her and she became a byword among women. This allegory was yet another means used by God to bring His people to repentance and to warn them of impending judgment.

Article 2

The exact meaning is a matter of dispute. As written, it seems to mean a tent-woman, or the woman living in a tent. With a mappik in the last consonant it could mean "her tent." The term is used symbolically by Ezekiel to designate Samaria or the kingdom of Israel (Eze 23:4,5,36,44).