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OCINA ō sī’ nə (̓Οκεινά). A coastal town S of Tyre, mentioned in the account of the campaign of Holofernes in Syria (Judg 2:28). Its site is uncertain. Among places with which it has been identified are Sandalium (Iskanderun) and Acco.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

o-si’-na, os’-i-na, ok’-i-na (Okeina): A town on the Phoenician coast South of Tyre, mentioned only in Judith 2:28, in the account of the campaign of Holofernes in Syria. The site is unknown, but from the mention of Sidon and Tyre immediately preceding and Jemnaan, Azotus and Ascalon following, it must have been South of Tyre. One might conjecture that it was Sandalium (Iskanderuna) or Umm ul-’Awamid, but there is nothing in the name to suggest such an identification.