OBOTH (ō'bŏth, Heb. ’ōvōth, water-bags). A place east of Moab, where Israel set up camp (Num.21.10-Num.21.11; Num.33.43).

OBOTH ō’ bŏth (אֹבֹ֑ת). A stopping-place of the Israelites on their wilderness journeys, between Punon and Iyye-abarim in Moab (Num 21:10, 11; 33:43, 44). It is possibly modern ’Ain el-Weiba, S of the Dead Sea.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

o’-both, o’-both (’obhoth, "waterbags"): A desert camp of the Israelites, the 3rd after leaving Mt. Hor and close to the borders of Moab (Nu 21:10,11; 33:43,14).

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