NOD (nŏd, Heb. nôdh, wandering). A district eastward from Eden to which Cain went in his wandering (Gen.4.16). (Cf. Ps.56.8 kjv, “my wanderings.”)

NOD nŏd (נֹ֖וד). A district E of Eden to which Cain went and there lived after he had killed his brother Abel (Gen 4:16). There is no way of telling the region intended.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The land of Eden, to which Cain migrated after the murder of his brother and his banishment by Yahweh (Ge 4:16). Conjecture is useless as to the region intended. The ideas of China, India, etc., which some have entertained, are groundless. The territory was evidently at some distance, but where is now undiscoverable.