NOADIAH (nō'a-dī'a, Heb. nô‘adhyâh, with whom Jehovah meets)

One of the Levites before whom the gold and silver vessels were weighed on the return to Jerusalem (Ezra.8.33).A false prophetess, associated with Sanballat and Tobiah, who tried to terrorize Nehemiah, and against whom Nehemiah prayed (Neh.6.14).

NOADIAH nō’ ə dī’ ə (נֹֽועַדְיָ֥ה, meeting with Yah). 1. The son of Binnui, a Levite, mentioned in Ezra 8:33. The name means “meeting with Jehovah,” or “Jehovah has met by appointment.” Noadiah is one of four (two priests and two Levites) designated as final custodians of the treasure which Ezra brought back from exile. It is significant that the public treasure was kept in the Temple, as was the regular custom in the Middle E.

2. A prophetess, an ally of Tobiah and Sanballat at the time of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem (Neh 6:14). Batten notes the difference in sense of the MT and LXX reading. On the one hand, there is an imprecation directed toward Noadiah the prophetess and the rest of the prophets who were trying to frighten Nehemiah. On the other hand, there would be a remembrance for good in behalf of Noadiah and the prophets who were warning Nehemiah.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(no`adhyah, "tryst of Yah"; Noadei):

(1) Son of Binnui, one of the Levites to whom Ezra entrusted the gold and silver and sacred vessels which he brought up from Babylon (Ezr 8:33); also called MOETH (which see), son of Sabannus (1 Esdras 8:63).

(2) A prophetess associated with Tobiah and Sanballat in opposition to Nehemiah (Ne 6:14).