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NEZIB (nē'zĭb, Heb. netsîv). A village mentioned only in Josh.15.43, belonging to Judah and lying about ten miles (seventeen km.) NW of Hebron. The word means “something set” and thus a “garrison.” It still retains its name “Beit Nusib,” i.e., “House of the Garrison.”

NEZIB ne’ zĭb (נְצִֽיב). A town in the lowland of Judah, mentioned along with Keilah and Mareshah (Josh 15:43); identified with modern Khirbet Beit Nesib, E of Lachish.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A town in the Judean Shephelah, mentioned along with Keilah and Mareshah (Jos 15:43). Eusebius, Onomasticon, places it 7 miles from Eleutheropolis (Beit Jibrin), on the road to Hebron. It is represented today by Beit Nasib, a village with ancient remains some 2 miles Southwest of Khirbet Kila (Keilah).