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NETWORK. This represents three distinct words in the Hebrew:

1. Networks (Isa.19.9 kjv; white cloth jb, nasb; white cotton rsv; fine linen niv).

2. An ornamental carving or bas-relief on the pillars of Solomon’s temple (1Kgs.7.18-1Kgs.7.42).

3. A network of brass that served as a grate for the great altar of burnt offering at the tabernacle (Exod.27.4; Exod.38.4).

NETWORK. Three different words are used in the OT to denote a network.

1. חוּר, H2580, is prob. misunderstood in the KJV of Isaiah 19:9. The word literally means “white” and refers, as in the RSV, to cloth, white linen or cotton.

2. שְׂבָכָה, H8422, is “to braid” or “interweave” and it is used to describe the network of bronze that hung upon the capitals of the two great bronze pillars, Jachin and Boaz, before the Temple of Solomon (1 Kings 7:18ff.; 2 Chron 4:12, 13). The same word is used for the lattice of the upper room of Ahaziah through which he fell and was mortally hurt (2 Kings 1:2).

3. MA(:A&\"73H RE74$ET is a work of net usually used to describe snares for birds or small animals (Pss 25:15; 35:8). It also is used as the grate of the altar of burnt offering (Exod 27:4, 5; 38:4). This is conceived by some to be a grate running through the altar, and by others a step running around the altar, faced with a grille of bronze.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

the Revised Version (British and American) in 2Ki 25:17; 2Ch 4:13 (also in the plural, 4:12,13), for "wreathen work" and "wreath" in the King James Version (of the adornment of the capitals of the pillars of Solomon’s temple; see Jachin and Boaz). "Networks" in Isa 19:9 is in the Revised Version (British and American) correctly rendered "white cloth." In the American Standard Revised Version "network" is substituted for "pictures" in the King James Version (Pr 25:11), "baskets" in the English Revised Version margin "filigree work."

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