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Nethanel, Nethaneel

NETHANEL, NETHANEEL (nē-thăn'ĕl, nē-thăn'ē-ĕl, Heb. nethan’ēl, God has given). The name of ten OT men:

1. The prince of Issachar just after the Exodus (Num.1.8; Num.2.5).

2. Son of Jesse and older brother of David (1Chr.2.14).

3. One of the priests who played trumpets before the ark (1Chr.15.24).

4. A Levitical scribe whose son Shemaiah was a recorder under David (1Chr.24.6).

5. Fifth son of Obed-Edom, appointed as one of the doorkeepers of the tabernacle (1Chr.26.4).

6. A prince of Judah whom Jehoshaphat appointed to teach in Israel (2Chr.17.7).

7. A wealthy Levite in Josiah’s time (2Chr.35.9).

8. A priest in Ezra’s time who had taken a foreign wife (Ezra.10.22).

9. A priest and head of a household in the days of Joiakim c. 470 b.c. (Neh.12.21).

10. A priestly musician in the days of Nehemiah (Neh.12.36).

Nathanael of Cana of Galilee in the days of Jesus (John.1.45-John.1.49) had the same name, though in the Greek it is slightly changed.

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