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NERIAH (nē-rī'a, Heb. nērîyâh, whose lamp is Jehovah). The father of Seraiah and Baruch, the latter being the scribe of Jeremiah (Jer.32.12, Jer.32.16; Jer.36.4; Jer.43.3). In the apocryphal book Bar.1.1, the Greek form is given, Nērias, which Luke uses in abbreviated fashion as Neri (Luke.3.27).

NERIAH nĭ rī’ ə (נֵרִיָּה, Jehovah is light). A man of Judah whose two sons, Baruch and Seraiah, served the prophet Jeremiah (Jer 32:12, 16; 36:4, 8, etc.; Bar 1:1 KJV, ASV NERIAS; RSV NERAIAH).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The father of Seraiah and of Baruch, Jeremiah’s friend and secretary (Jer 32:12,16; 36:4,8,32; 43:3). In Baruch 1:1 the Greek form of the name, Ner(e)ias, is given, and this shortened, Neri, occurs in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.