NER (nûr, Heb. nēr, a lamp)

Father of Abner (1Sam.14.50; 1Sam.26.14).The grandfather of King Saul (1Chr.8.33; see 2Sam.8.12; 1Kgs.2.5, 1Kgs.2.32).

NER nûr (נֵ֥ר; LXX, Νήρ). A Benjamite, the son of Abiel (1 Sam 14:51), was the captain of Saul’s forces (26:5).

Cheyne (EB, col. 20) proposes to follow Josephus (Antiq. VI. vi. 6) and read “sons of” instead of “son of” in 1 Samuel 14:51. Josephus says: “For the commander of his [Saul’s] army he had Abenar, his uncle’s son; that uncle was named Ner, and Ner and Kis, the father of Saul, were brothers, sons of Abelios.”

Cheyne also suggests the corresponding emendation of the text of 1 Chronicles 8:33 = 9:39: “And Ner begat Abner, and Kish begat Saul” (loc. cit.).


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Father of Abner (1Sa 14:50 f; 26:5,14, etc.); grandfather of Saul (1Ch 8:33). Other references, though adding no further information are 2Sa 2:8,12; 3:23,25; 28; 37; 1Ki 2:5,32, etc.