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NEHUSHTA (nē-hŭsh'ta, Heb. nehushtā’). The mother of King Jehoiachin of Judah. She was the daughter of Elnathan of Jerusalem (2Kgs.24.8). She was exiled with her son to Babylon (2Kgs.24.12; Jer.29.2).

NEHUSHTA nĭ hoosh’ tə (נְחֻשְׁתָּ֥א). The daughter of Elnathan; wife of King Jehoiakim and mother of Jehoiachin (2 Kings 24:8). Nebuchadrezzar deported her, Jehoiachin, and other leading citizens to Babylon in 597 b.c. (2 Kings 24:12, 15).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Mother of King Jehoiachin (2Ki 24:8). She was the daughter of Elnathan of Jerusalem. After the fall of the city she was exiled with her son and his court (2Ki 24:12; Jer 29:2).