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Necromancer, Necromancy

NECROMANCER, NECROMANCY (nĕk'rō-măn-sẽr, nĕk'rō-măn-sē). Necromancy was a form of witchcraft and was considered one of the “black” or diabolical arts. Etymologically, the term signifies conversing with the dead for purposes of consultation or divination. The Mosaic Law sternly forbade such a practice (Deut.18.10-Deut.18.11). The most familiar case in the Bible is that of King Saul and the witch of Endor (1Sam.28.7-1Sam.28.25). There are several quite legitimate interpretations of this admittedly difficult passage; perhaps the most feasible view is that God for his own purpose allowed Saul to converse with the deceased Samuel. See especially 1Sam.28.12 of this account.

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