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Neco, Necho, Nechoh

NECO, NECHO, NECHOH (nē'kō, Heb. par‘ōh nekhōh or nechoh). Ruler of Egypt (609-595 b.c.), son of Psamtik I, famous in Greek history. Neco began his rule at a propitious time: the Assyrian Empire was falling, and the Neo-Babylonian Empire was emerging. He thus was able to gain and retain control over Syria until his humiliating defeat at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar at the battle of Carchemish. Of particular interest to the reader of the Bible is Josiah’s defeat by Neco at the battle of Megiddo (2Kgs.23.29; 2Chr.35.20ff.). When Josiah died, Jehoahaz was made king, but Neco dethroned him and set up in his stead Jehoahaz’s brother Jehoiakim (2Kgs.23.29-2Kgs.23.34; 2Chr.35.20-2Chr.36.4). In 605 he was badly defeated by Nebuchadnezzar at the battle of Carchemish and lost all of his Asiatic possessions (2Kgs.24.7).