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NEBUSHAZBAN (nĕb'ū-shăs'băn, Akkad. Nebo, save me). An important officer in the army of Nebuchadnezzar at the time of the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem in 586 b.c. To his care another Babylonian official delivered the prophet Jeremiah (Jer.39.11-Jer.39.14).

NEBUSHAZBAN nĕb’ ə shăz’ băn (נְבֽוּשַׁזְבָּן). An important officer of the Babylonian army, who was among those ordered to provide for the safety of Jeremiah after the Babylonians took Jerusalem (Jer 39:12; KJV NEBUSHASBAN).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

An important officer (the Rab-saris, chief captain or "chief eunuch") of the Babylonian army, who with Nergal-sharezer and others was appointed to see to the safety of Jeremiah after the taking of Jerusalem (Jer 39:13).