NAVE, the tr. of two Heb. words. 1. גַּב, H1461, pl., rings (Ezek 1:18 KJV); the rim of the wheel. 1. The lavers of Solomon’s Temple were cast one piece in bronze, with the spokes and hub in the same pattern as chariot sixspoked wheels. Job 15:26 trs. it boss as on a shield. Ezekiel 16:31 (KJV) renders it eminent place; ASV vaulted place. In 1 Kings 7:33 the word is חִשֻּׁר, H3141, hub.

2. The tr. of the name Nun (Ecclus 46:1, KJV). “Nave” is not used of the Holy Place in the Tabernacle or the Temple.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(1Ki 7:33).


Greek form of the Hebrew proper name "Nun" (so the Revised Version (British and American)), found only in the King James Version of Sirach 46:1.