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NADABATH năd’ ə băth (Νάδαβαθ). A place mentioned in 1 Maccabees 9:37. Jonathan and Simon Maccabeus, avenging the execution of their brother John by the “children of Jambri,” a Nabataean tribe, ambushed a wedding procession. The bride was brought from Nadabath to Medeba. This Trans-Jordan city is perhaps the ancient Nebo, mentioned as Nabatha in Josephus’ Antiq. XIII. i. 4. Others identify it with the modern Khirbet et-Teim, S of Medaba.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A city East of the Jordan from which the wedding party of Jambri were coming when Jonathan and Simon attacked them and slew very many, designing to avenge the murder of their brother John (1 Macc 9:37 ff). Nebo and Nabathaea have been suggested as identical with Nadabath. Clermont-Ganneau would read rhabatha, and identify it with Rabbath-ammon. There is no certainty.