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Mysos Demetrius

1719-1750. Born in either Montenegro or Thessaloniki, he was probably a deacon sent from Constantinople to Wittenberg in 1559 by Patriarch Joasaph II to study at first hand the Reformers and their teaching. He stayed six months, studying under Philip Melanchthon, attending services and lectures, and studying the Reformers' creedal documents. Leaving Wittenberg for Constantinople in 1559, he carried with him a letter from Melanchthon* to the patriarch and also a Greek translation of the Augsburg Confession. Mysos Demetrius wrote a letter to Melanchthon in October 1559, revealing the effect his contact with the Reformers had upon him. Some authorities suggest that he spent three years trying to introduce Lutheranism into the villages of Transylvania; whatever the case, he was one of the first of the Orthodox clergy to have any real contact with the Reformers.