MUPPIM (mŭp'ĭm, Heb. muppîm). A son or descendant of Benjamin (Gen.46.21). He is also called Shupham (Num.26.39) and Shuppim (1Chr.7.12, 1Chr.7.15). Possibly the Shephuphan of 1Chr.8.5 is the same person.

MUPPIM mŭp’ ĭm (מֻפִּ֥ים). Son of Benjamin (Gen 46:21); called “Shuppim” in 1 Chronicles 7:12, 15, “Shephupham” in Numbers 26:39 (KJV “Shupham”), and “Shephuphan” in 1 Chronicles 8:5.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A son of Benjamin (Ge 46:21), elsewhere called "Shuppim" (1Ch 7:12,15; 26:16), "Shephupham" (Nu 26:39), and "Shephuphan". (1Ch 8:5); compare separate articles on these names.