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MOZA (mō'za, Heb. môtsâh, sunrise)

A man of Judah, of the family of Hezron, the house of Caleb (1Chr.2.46).A descendant of Jonathan (1Chr.8.36-1Chr.8.37).

MOZAH (mō'za, Heb. môtsâh). A town of Benjamin (Josh.18.26). Its site is not certain: Qaloniyeh, about four and two-thirds miles (eight km.) NW of Jerusalem on the road to Jaffa, has been suggested

MOZA mō’ zə (מוֹצָ֖א, LXX Μωσα, Μουσα, Μαισα, Ιωσα(ν, G3708), meaning offspring). Masculine personal name. 1. A son of Caleb by Ephah his concubine (1 Chron 2:46).

2. A descendant of Saul (1 Chron 8:36, 37; 9:42, 43).

MOZAH mō’ zə (הַמֹּצָֽה). One of the towns belonging to the tribe of Benjamin (Josh 18:26). The locality is uncertain. It prob. was a royal pottery, because the name is stamped on the handles of vessels excavated at Jericho and Tell en-Nasbeh. According to some scholars, the site is at or near the Arab village of Qaluniya, 4 m. NW of Jerusalem on the road to Tel Aviv (S. Cohen). The ancient name may survive in Ḥirbet beit Mizzah, and has been adopted by the Jewish colony of Moşah W of Qaluniya (Qālūnjeh). For the name, cf. 1 Chronicles 2:46.


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(1) Son of Caleb and Ephah (1Ch 2:46).

(2) A descendant of Saul (1Ch 8:36,37; 9:42,43).

A town in the territory of Benjamin named after Mizpeh and Chephirah (Jos 18:26). It may be represented by the modern Beit Mizzeh, the heavy "ts" of the Hebrew letter (tsade) passing into the light "z" of the Arabic, a not unusual change. The name means "place of hard stone." The village lies to the North of Quloniyeh (possibly Emmaus), about 4 miles Northwest of Jerusalem.

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