Mount, Mountain

MOUNT, MOUNTAIN. Hill, mount, and mountain are terms roughly synonymous in the English Bible. Much of Palestine is hilly or mountainous. These elevations are not dramatically high but are old worn-down hills. A central hill country stretches from north to south in Palestine, attaining its greatest elevations in Galilee (nearly 4,000 feet [1,250 m.] above sea level) and finally ending in the Negev in the south. Much of Transjordan is high plateau land, although in Syria north of Palestine this section reaches a great height in Mount Hermon (c. 9,000 feet [2,813 m.] above sea level), which is snow-covered throughout the year.

“Mount” in several places in the KJV refers to the mounds raised against the wall of a besieged city by an attacking army (Jer.6.6; Ezek.26.8).——JBG