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Misrephoth Maim

MISREPHOTH MAIM (mĭs'rē-fŏth mā'ĭm, hot springs). A town or a region near Sidon to which Joshua chased the kings of the north who had joined against him (Josh.11.8; Josh.13.6). Perhaps the same as Zarephath where Elijah lodged (1Kgs.17.9-1Kgs.17.10; Luke.4.26). It is on the coast between Sidon and Tyre.

MISREPHOTH-MAIM mĭz’ rə foth mā’ əm (Heb. מִשְׂרְפֹ֣ות מַ֔יִם, perhaps: lime-burning at the water). A place in the vicinity of Sidon, mentioned in Joshua 11:8 in connection with Israel’s defeat of the kings of northern Canaan, and in Joshua 13:6 as one of the places still in the hands of the Canaanites. Scholars differ in regard to its identification. According to some it is perhaps Khirbet el-Musheirefeh, just S of the promontory known as “the Ladder of Tyre” (Râs en-Naqûra); according to others it is now called ’Ain Mesherfi, a collection of warm springs, near Râs en-Naqûra.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A place to which Joshua chased the various tribes, which were confederated under Jabin, after their defeat at the waters of Merom (Jos 11:8). It follows the mention of great Sidon, as though it was a place in the same region but farther from the point of departure. In Jos 13:6, it is also mentioned in connection with the Sidonians, as though it was included in their territory, so it must have been in the coast district, or Phoenicia, which was in that period dominated by Sidon. The Canaanites who were among the tribes forming the hosts of Jabin would naturally seek refuge among their brethren in Sidon and its territory. They fled across the hill country which lies between the waters of Merom and the coast, but as Sidon is situated considerably to the North of Merom, some would seek the coast by a more southerly route, and we may look for Misrephoth-maim there. Dr. Thomson (LB, II, 266-67, edition 1882) locates it at Ras el-Musheirifeh, some 13 miles South of Tyre, where there was a stronghold, and where the fugitives might find refuge (see Ladder of Tyre). Though the name hardly suggests Misrephoth-maim, the identification may be accepted until some better one is found.