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MIGRON (mĭg'rŏn, Heb. mighrôn, precipice). A locality near Gibeah of Saul about seven miles (twelve km.) NE of Jerusalem, in the tribe of Benjamin. Saul sat (1Sam.14.2) here under a pomegranate tree and made the place the headquarters of his little troop of about six hundred men. In Isa.10.28 the prophet pictures the Assyrians passing Migron as they approached to attack Jerusalem.

MIGRON mĭg’ rŏn (מִגְרֹ֑ון). A locality in the outskirts of Gibeah where Saul at one time camped under a pomegranate tree (1 Sam 14:2). The Gibeah referred to in this passage is the modern Tell el-Full, three m. N of the Temple terrace in Jerusalem. A place by the name of Migron is mentioned also in Isaiah 10:28, in the line of march of the Assyrian army. An unresolved question is whether these two Migrons are the same place. The references in Samuel and Isaiah are not clear on the matter. The likelihood is that the Migrons refer to the same place. The Migron in 1 Samuel 14 is located S of the pass of Michmash, while the Migron mentioned in Isaiah does not necessarily have to be located N of that pass.