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Migdal Gad

MIGDAL GAD (miğ'dăl găd, tower of Gad). A city of Judah when Joshua divided the land (Josh.15.37). Now probably Mejdal about twenty-four miles (forty km.) west of Hebron.

MIGDAL-GAD mĭg’ dəl găd’ (מִגְדַּל־גָּֽד, tower of Gad). A town of Judah in the lowland district of Lachish (Josh 15:37). It is prob. to be identified with Khirbet el-Mejdeleh, SE of Tell ed-Duweir.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of a group of 16 cities of Judah situated in the "lowland" (Jos 15:37). Of these, only Lachish, Eglon, Beth-dagon and Naamah have been identified with any certainty. This would indicate a site in the Philistine plain, and the modern flourishing town of Mejdel, 2 1/2 miles Northeast of Ashkelon, appears to be a possible identification. It is the most important town in the district which is named after it Nahiet el-Mejdel. It must, however, be admitted that it is difficult to see how Judah could have held a site so close to the great Philistine strongholds. It is very probable that Mejdel ("tower") is the tower mentioned in Josephus, BJ, III, ii, 3, as close to Ashkelon, and it or Migdalgad (or both if they are the same sites) may be identical with the Magtal of the Tell el-Amarna Letters (Petrie, Hist. Egypt, II, 329). For Mejdel see Palestine Exploration Fund, II, 410, Sh XVI.