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Michael Von Faulhaber

1869-1952. Archbishop of Munich. Born at Klosterheidenfeld, Bavaria, he studied at Schweinfurt and Würzburg where he later became lecturer (1899- 1903). Ordained in 1892 and thereafter in Rome (1895-98), he was professor of OT in Strasbourg until becoming bishop of Speyer (1911). He was appointed archbishop of Munich in 1917 and cardinal in 1921. He was a monarchist who favored the Wittelsbach kings, and condemned paganism, racism, and totalitarianism. In World War I he ministered to Bavarian forces in the field and later became the leader of the right-wing German Catholics. He emphasized the Jewish background in Christianity and attacked anti-Semitism. Earlier he had contributed to the patristics field, but afterward wrote much on contemporary issues.