MIBZAR (mĭb'zar, Heb. mivtsār, a fortress). One of the eleven “sheiks” or chiefs descended from Esau (Gen.36.42).

MIBZAR mĭb’ zär (מִבְצָֽר, fortress). An Edomite clan chief (Gen 36:42; 1 Chron 1:53; KJV DUKE; ASV CHIEF). Eusebius identifies the name with Μαβσαρά, a large village subject to Petra and still in existence in his time. Others have suggested Bozra.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

An Edomite chief, the King James Version "duke" (Ge 36:42; 1Ch 1:53). According to Eusebius, Mibzar is connected with Mibsara, a considerable village subject to Petra and still existing in his time. Compare Holzinger and Skinner in respective commentaries on Genesis.