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Meunim, Meunites

MEUNIM, MEUNITES (mē-ū'nĭm, mē-ū'nīts, Heb. me‘ûnîm, the people of Maon). The people of an Arab city still existing south of the Dead Sea not far from the more famous Petra. They are listed among the tribes that Uzziah of Judah conquered. Ezra.2.50, repeated in Neh.7.52, speaks of their descendants. The Masoretes say that the word rendered by some versions as “habitations” (1Chr.4.41) should read “Meunim.” Ezra counts them among the Nethinim (temple servants) at the return from exile (Ezra.2.50, kjv Mehunim; in 2Chr.26.7, kjv Mehunims).