Meshillemith, Meshillemoth

MESHILLEMITH, MESHILLEMOTH mĭ shĭl’ əmĭth, mĭ shĭl’ ə mŏth (מְשִׁלֵּמֹ֖ות). 1. A priest, son of Immer (Neh 11:13).

2. An Ephraimite ancestor of Berechiah, who was chief of his tribe in the reign of Pekah (2 Chron 28:12).

Article 2

MESHILLEMITH, MESHILLEMOTH (mē-shĭl'ē-mith, mē-shĭl'ē-moth, recompense). 1. Father of Berekiah, a noble Ephraimite who helped to clothe and feed the captives from Judah and to restore them to their homes (2Chr.28.12).

2. Priestly ancestor of Amashsai, who lived at Jerusalem in the Restoration (Neh.11.13). Meshillemith (1Chr.9.12) is another spelling of the same name.