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MERRAN mĕr’ ən (Μέρραν). A word found only in Baruch 3:23 (KJV MERAN). It seems to be a place name in which, in the original Heb., the letter ד was misread ר. The name should prob. be Midian.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Many identifications have been suggested on the assumption that the text as it stands is correct. Some of these are the Sidonian Meareh (Grotius), Marane, a city of which Pliny speaks as being near the Red Sea (Keil), and the desert of Mahrah in Arabia (Fritzsche). It is very probable, however, that the name represents an error in transcription from the original Semitic text, confusing the Hebrew letter daleth ("d") with the Hebrew letter resh ("r"), so that we should read Meddan, or Medan, i.e. Midian. The phrase will then run, "the merchants of Midian and Teman" (Baruch 3:23). The merchants of Midian are referred to in Ge 37:28.