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MERONOTHITE (mē-rŏn'a-thīt). An inhabitant of Meronoth, a region in Galilee that was given to the tribe of Naphtali. Its principal town was Shimron Meron, which Joshua conquered (Josh.11.1; Josh.12.20). For two Meronothites see 1Chr.27.30; Neh.3.7.

MERONOTHITE mĭ rŏn’ ə thīt (מֵּרֹנֹתִֽי). A designation of two men in the OT: Jehdeiah, a member of David’s household (1 Chron 27:30), and Jadon who helped Nehemiah repair the wall of Jerusalem (Neh 3:7). The exact site of Meronoth, near Gibeah, is not known.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

me-ron’-thit, me-ro’-no-thit (meronothi, root meaning "fertility"): The designation of two persons in the Old Testament:

(1) Jehdeiah, who was in charge of the royal asses under David (1Ch 27:30).

(2) Jadon who was among the repairers of the wall under Nehemiah (Ne 3:7). No place of the name Meronoth can be identified. That Jadon worked on the wall near Gibeonites and Mizpahites affords no clear clue to the place, unless it be shown that there was some geographical rota in the wall repairers.