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MEROM (mē'rŏm, Heb. mērôm, a high place). A district near the headwaters of the Jordan River, north of the Sea of Galilee. Most of it is high in comparison with the “waters of Merom” through which the Jordan flows and which is just about at sea level. In Bible times the waters of Merom formed a small lake, but for a long time since then it was only a marsh that has recently been drained. Its only mention in Scripture is in Josh.11.5, Josh.11.7 as the site of the great battle of Joshua’s northern campaign in which he, with the help of God, defeated Jabin king of Hazor and his Canaanite allies. The men of the tribe of Dan, when searching for a more commodious land for the tribe (Judg.18.1-Judg.18.31), passed through this region and described it as “very good” and said that “the land is large.”