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MEMUCAN (mē-mū'căn, Heb. memûkhān). One of the seven wise men at the Persian court who advised King Xerxes (kjv Ahasuerus) to punish Queen Vashti for her refusal to appear at the court festival (Esth.1.13-Esth.1.22).

MEMUCAN mĭ mōō’ kən (מְמוּכָ֑ן). One of the seven princes of Persia and Media who had access to the royal presence of King Ahasuerus (Esth 1:14, 16, 21). They are described as wise in the law, and were consulted by the king about what to do with Vashti.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(memukhan; derivation unknown but probably of Persian origin (Es 1:14,16,21)): One of "the seven princes of Persia and Media, who saw the king’s face, and sat first in the kingdom." Ahasuerus consults these men, as those "that knew law and judgment," as to the proper treatment of the rebellious Vashti. Memucan is the spokesman of the reply. He recommends Vashti’s deposition so that "all the wives will give to their husbands honor, both to great and small." This advice is adopted and incorporated into a royal decree--with what success is not said.