MEMORIAL, MEMORY (אַזְכָּרָה, H260, זֵ֫כֶר, H2352, זִכָּרוֹן, H2355; μνημόσυνον, G3649).





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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

"Memorial" occurs in the [[New Testament]] as the translation of mnemosunon, "a token of remembrance" (Mt 26:13; Mr 14:9; Ac 10:4, "Thy prayers and thine alms are gone up for a memorial before God," which suggests the sense in which "memorial" was used in the sacrificial ritual, and also the "better sacrifices" of the new dispensation).

Memory is the translation of zekher (zekher) (Ps 109:15; 145:7; Pr 10:7; Ec 9:5; Isa 26:14, the Revised Version (British and American) "remembrance"); it occurs also in 1 Macc 13:29; 2 Macc 7:20. Katecho, "to have or hold fast," is rendered in 1Co 15:2 the King James Version "keep in memory," margin "hold fast," the American Standard Revised Version "hold fast," the English Revised Version "hold it fast," i.e. the word preached to them.