MEHETABEL (mĕ-hĕt'a-bĕl, God benefits)

A daughter of Matred. She was wife of King Hadad (Gen.36.39).One who sought to betray Nehemiah (Neh.6.10-Neh.6.13).

MEHETABEL mĭ hĕt’ ə bĕl (מְהֵֽיטַבְאֵל). 1. The wife of Hadar (Hadad), a king of Edom (Gen 36:39; 1 Chron 1:50).

2. A grandfather of Shemaiah, who at the suggestion of Tobiah and Sanballat tried to ruin Nehemiah by getting him to commit sacrilege (Neh 6:10-13).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

me-het’-a-bel, me-het’-a-bel (mehetah’el, "whom God makes happy"):

(1) Daughter of Matred, wife of Hadad or Hadar, the 8th and apparently last of the kings of Edom (Ge 36:39; 1Ch 1:50).

(2) Grandfather of that Shemaiah who played a treacherous part against Nehemiah at the suggestion of Tobiah and Sanballat, by trying to persuade Nehemiah to commit sacrilege (Ne 6:10-13).