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MATTANAH măt’ ə nə (מַתָּנָֽה, gift). A camping place of the Israelites on their exodus from Egypt (Num 21:18, 19) when they traveled, E of the Dead Sea, from the river Arnon into the territory of Sihon, king of the Amorites. According to the account in Numbers the place lay between Beer and the stream Nahaliel. The exact location of the site is unknown, although it has been tentatively identified with Khirbet el-Medeiyineh, eleven m. NE of Dibon.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A station of the Israelites which seems to have lain between Beer and Nahaliel (Nu 21:18 f). The name means "gift," and might not inappropriately be applied to a well in the wilderness (Budde translates "Out of the desert a gift"; see The Expository Times, VI, 482). Some would therefore identify it with Beer. This is improbable. There is now no clue to the place, but it must have lain Southwest of the Dead Sea.