MASH măsh (מַֽשׁ). One of the sons of Aram (Gen 10:23). In the parallel passage, 1 Chronicles 1:17, Meshech is given, and the LXX (A) has Mosoch in both passages, but this name is Japhetic, and therefore Mash is prob. right. Mash is identified by some with the Mons Masius of ancient classical writers.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Named in Ge 10:23 as one of the sons of Aramaic In the parallel passage in 1Ch 1:17 the name is given as "Meshech" (meshekh), and the Septuagint (Mosoch) supports this form in both passages. "Meshech," however, is a Japhetic name (Ge 10:2), and "Mash" would seem to be the original reading. It is probably to be identified with the Mons Masius of classical writers (Strabo, etc.), on the northern boundary of Mesopotamia.