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MANSION (Gr. monē, an abiding place). An expression that occurs only in John.14.2 (kjv; niv “rooms”), where the plural is used. It is correctly rendered “abiding places,” the plural form denoting the great extent of God’s house.

MANSION, KJV for μονή, G3665, John 14:2, meaning a permanent dwelling place of which there are many in heaven, appointed by the Father for His children in Christ. Mansion is derived from Lat. mansio, but this does not mean a palatial house. A room set apart for each person is connoted. Derived from μένειν, “to abide permanently,” the word indicates the believer’s eternal, unchangeable and final home in the House of God.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

In Joh 14:2, the word is used in the plural: "In my Father’s house are many mansions," the Revised Version margin "abiding places." The ideas conveyed are those of abundance of room, and permanence of habitation, in the heavenly world.