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MANES mā’ nēs or mā’ nēz, a variant from the Pers. name Mani, through the Gr. Μάνης, and found subsequently in Lat. and other Indo-European languages. Mani, the founder of Manicheism, was a Pers. who lived under the Sassanian dynasty and was executed by the Zoroastrian hierarchy sometime around a.d. 277, 278. (See Mani.)

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of those who put away their "strange wives" (1 Esdras 9:21). It represents the two names Maaseiah and Elijah of the parallel Ezr 10:21. The real equivalent is probably Maaseiah, Elijah being dropped. the Revised Version margin and the King James Version margin give Harim of Ezr 10:21 as identical--apparently incorrectly, for the words "and of the sons of Harim" (Ezr 10:21) are simply omitted. the King James Version blunders strangely here in reading Eanes after a misprint Eanes (for Manes) in the Aldine edition.