MANAHATHITES (ma-nā'hăth-īts, Heb. mānahtî)

Half of the Manahathites, a Judean clan, were descendants of Shobal, son of Caleb, the son of Hur (1Chr.2.52).Another group, “half the Manahathites,” descended from Salma, son of Caleb, the son of Hur (1Chr.2.54).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(menuchoth (1Ch 2:52), manachti (1Ch 2:54); Septuagint: Codex Vaticanus Monaio; Codex Alexandrinus Ammanith (1Ch 2:52); Codex Vaticanus Malathei; Codex Alexandrinus Manath, (1Ch 2:54); the King James Version, Manahethites): These men were the inhabitants of Manahath. They were descendants of Caleb, one-half being the progeny of Shobal, and the other of Salma. In 1Ch 2:52 the Revised Version (British and American) transliterates "Menuhoth," but Manahathites is preferable.