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MAKAZ (mā'kăz, Heb. māqats). A town near Beth Shemesh where Solomon’s supply officer, Ben-Deker, was stationed (1Kgs.4.9).

MAKAZ mā’ kăz (מָקַ֥ץ). A city on the W slopes of Judah, in the second of the twelve districts which supplied food for Solomon (1 Kings 4:9); possibly Khirbet el-Mukheizin, S of Ekron.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the cities of the 2nd of the 12 districts or prefectures which supplied victuals for Solomon (1Ki 4:9). It is associated with Shaalbim, Beth-shemesh and Elon-beth-hanan, all three probably identical with cities mentioned (Jos 19:41,42) as on the border of Dan. Cheyne (EB, II, col. 2906) suggests that Makaz may bc identical with MEJARGON (which see) in the latter list.